PFS Board Meeting


                                           Date: 03/21/2013
                                           Time: 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
                                           Location: 2960 NW Quimby Street Portland, OR.


Members present: David Ingerson, Delores Day, Lauren Sheehan and Ron Vaughan

Minutes from our last Board meeting: The minutes of the February 11, 2013 Board meeting were reviewed and approved.


Old Business:

1. Election results: David Ingerson briefed that only PFS members got the email for voting. Sixty-five (65) ballots were received. All three candidates, Delores Day, George Neidhart and Lauren Sheehan were elected by a majority of the votes received. There was one write-in vote. Lauren Sheehan made a motion not to have write-ins on future ballots. The motion was unanimously approved by the Board.


2. Election of the Officers: The Board unanimously elected Officers as follows: David Ingerson, President; Delores Day, Vice President; Ron Vaughan, Secretary; George Neidhart, Treasurer.


3. Reports:

    A. Financial report and finance committee report, budget:  Lauren Sheehan, Chairperson for the Finance Committee, briefed that PFS bookkeeper Morris McClellan and Treasurer, George Neidhart are fine tuning the financial reports using Quick Books. Lauren and Delores Day, Vice President and financial committee member are also scrutinizing the reports which will provide better visibility of the financials to the Board. Lauren also distributed an income/expense by category report from the 1/1/2012-12/31/2012 year end reports and briefed the Board on 2013 income projections. The financial committee is currently categorizing operating costs in order to look for ways to trim expenses.


    B. IT progress: David Ingerson briefed that IT has added Singtime Frolics registration to the PFS website and are working to add membership renewal on-line. IT is also working to provide members with a choice of several email lists to which they can receive PFS information. David will send an email to inform the membership when the lists are complete.


    C. Membership: roster progress, considerations: David Ingerson briefed that IT has provided the means for updating membership information on-line and Carter Kennedy will be formatting the roster/directory to add a column in the membership data base to record how a member relates professionally PFS. An email will be sent to the membership informing them that a new directory is to be printed so members can update their membership dues and membership information. Ray Ashmun has volunteered to take the lead in updating the PFS membership roster.


    D. Concert committee issues: Lauren Sheehan briefed that the committee has requested additional lighting and KBOO underwriting for PFS concerts. After some discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to provide the committee up to $700 for purchasing additional lighting. Lauren also briefed that the committee wants to have a children’s concert and possibly an open mic in the future. The committee also has requested information regarding their share of the operating costs.


     E. Local Lore issues: David Ingerson briefed that a meeting has been scheduled in April to look at long term plans for the Local Lore, ways to reduce costs, billing practices and ad specs.


     F. Singtime report:  David Ingerson briefed that 92 people have signed up to attend this year’s camp. The event is scheduled for this weekend, March 22-24, 2013. David also briefed that PFS will be looking for a new location to replace Camp Adams next year.


     G. CD sales: David Ingerson briefed that there’s nothing new to report on CD sales. David is waiting for an update from the CD committee. Lauren Sheehan is also working to possibly have the PFS CDs available for sale in Made for Oregon stores.


H.    New insurance information: David Ingerson provided a handout quotation for the PFS insurance policy. After some discussion, the Board had a question regarding exclusion in the policy for “Injury to Performers”. David mentioned that he would call the agent and get more information on the meaning of this exclusion.


I.      Special promotions: requirements, procedures: The Board has been testing advertising special promotions such as house concerts using the PFS email list. In lieu of developing specific requirements and procedures for special promotions, the Board agreed to review special promotions on a case by case basis.


J.      Summer Acoustic Music Camp: David Ingerson provided a handout summary of the Summer Acoustic Music Camp by Mark McPherson. PFS provided support for the event as a 501c (3) sponsor. According to Mark, the 2012 event was a success musically and financially and a 2013 camp is being planned without increasing the registration fees. Then event is held at the Pilgrims Firs Conference Center. The Conference Center maintains an insurance policy which covers the activities of camp participants. The Board questioned whether the Pilgrims Firs Conference Center policy or PFS policy will cover PFS because we sponsor the event. David Ingerson stated that he would check with Mark and the PFS policy agent.


New Business:


      For the good of order – deferred to a future meeting.



Next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 22, 2013, 7:00 – 9:00 P.M. at 4855 SW 98th Ave. Beaverton, OR.