MINUTES _ PFS Board Meeting Oct 16, 2013 at Delores Day's home in Beaverton OR

David INgerson, Delores Day, George Neidhart, lauren Sheehan

Board approved these minutes from the meeting Oct 16, 2013

Old Business

motion made by Lauren and seconded by Delores to seek legal counsel regarding PFS sponsorship of other events and camps. Delores will set up meeting with non -profit specialist.

Committee Reports

Finance Committee - George treasurer

all thanked George for doing such an excellent job at monitoring details, keeping at tidying up categories and beginning to help with spending and earning analysis. All agreed that we need to figure out how to pay for the increase in administrative costs of a book keeper, increased insurance fees and other increasing costs across the board in PFS .

Membership- Delores liason

Delores reported that she is working harder to take more responsibility as liason for the membership activities of PFS and that she will make plan and follow through to contact lapsed members and see about getting them to re join. She said she needs to understand how the membership duties function, to clarify procedures, and will make recommendations as she goes for improving or codifying procedures and creating more efficiency.

Spec Promotions - David

All agreed to accept the policy of running spec promotion ads as presented by David, he agreed to write up as guidelines and send to Lauren to file Agreed to ask $30 for email blast, to be sure members can opt out of receiving them and to see how it goes regarding usage, evolving the guidelines as we need to. We will only send ads for music or events that a board member can vouch for regarding quality and professionalism equal to our own concerts and camps.

Business Memberships - Lynn Dingler/ David

Delores will contact to get his first draft proposal and suggest edits at next meeting. ( Will be mute point as Lynn has had to put a hold on his involvement for us)

Volunteer Appreciation Meeting

Scheduled for pot luck at Lauren's home, Sunday Nov 24, 3:30-8;30.

New Board members- Lauren

Lauren reported she has been actively trying to recruit new board members who have skills, talents and experience with non-profits and management. Talking,emailing and giving hones assesments of current stregths and weakness of PFS, asking for board members who will commit to a liason position, taking on a share of the PFS management as an expectation of what being a board member means. No luck so far.

More Finances Discussion

Discussed on going deficit and increased insurance costs. Discussion about sharing and distributing more of costs to our events, AGREED to start charging 50% of our TOTAL insurance to Concert committee for time being as they are the only reliable source. Singtime,membership dues, sponsored events should we have them and other income is where we will find the other 50 %.

Discussion about increasing the profit PFS gets from big concerts and AGREED to ask Concert Committee to begin negotiating for a 70/20 or 75/25% split instead of the current 80/20. Effective immediately for future contracts. Lauren to notify CC and Mo.

Review of action items and guidelines decisions

George- on going financial ananlysis, including dogging the insurance costs. Delores - will contact lapsed members to try and get them to re join begin learning how our membership process works and begin evaluation of efficiency, etc. Will set up meeting with non-profit lawyer about legalities and responsibilities regarding PFS sponsoship of other events. Lauren- continue to monitor finances and work on budget for 2014. Will collect on past due ads for Local Lore continue to try and find and recruit talented board members. prepare house and do some cooking for volunteer party contact CC about new % for concerts as well as new insurance charges. David- Everything else needed to keep things moving.


new % fees for concert acts new insurance fees for concerts new expectation that singtime and and other sponsored events contribute more significantly to our insurance costs.

Next meeting to be determined.

respectfully submitted, Lauren Sheehan