PFS Board Meeting


                                           Date: 08/08/2012
                                           Time: 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
                                           Location: 1904 SE Alder St. Portland, OR.

Members present: David Ingerson, Delores Day, Mary Rose and Ron Vaughan


Guest: George Neidhart

Old Business:

1. Review of previous minutes: June’s Board meeting minutes were reviewed, amended and approved.

2. Financial Report (see handout): The Board reviewed the Income/Expense by Category Jan to July 2012 and Banking Summary –YTD 1/1/2012 through 8/4/2012 reports. The Board had questions on the Banking Summary regarding Income - Concert Proceeds and Total Expenses. After some discussion, the Board decided to hand over the report to the Financial Subcommittee for resolution.

3. Singtime Report: David Ingerson briefed that the report is still forthcoming.

4. Strawberry social report: David Ingerson briefed that the report is still forthcoming.


5. List of bills from Mo: Deferred - Delores Day will be working with Morris McClellan to provide the list to the Board.

6. Bylaws, Volunteer party, general meeting: A PFS Volunteer party, general meeting is planned for Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012. The Board agreed to provide David Ingerson up to $700.00 for hosting the event. There will be a third reading and voting on the revised PFS bylaws at the meeting.

7. Linda Huddle: Delores Day briefed that Linda Huddle had passed away. Delores continues to be in contact with Ira Frankel. An obituary for Linda is appeared in the August 5th Oregonian newspaper and is also available on-line. A memorial service is planned. Delores intends to email Linda’s obituary and notice of the memorial service. David Ingerson mentioned that he would have a notice of Linda’s passing put in the PFS Local Lore. A Linda Huddle Endowment is being set up on behalf of Linda. The Board agreed that PFS would contribute to the Fund. The amount is TBD (to be determined).

Board Action: Determine amount of PFS contribution to the Linda Huddle Endowment Fund.

8. New Treasure update: George Neidhart was introduced to the Board as a potential candidate for PFS Treasurer. George briefed the Board on his previous accounting and auditing experience and volunteered to work with the Financial Subcommittee in setting up PFS financial reports and establishing the duties and responsibilities for PFS Treasurer and Bookkeeper functions. The Board is pursuing hiring a part-time bookkeeper and splitting the Treasurer and Bookkeeping functions. Delores Day briefed the Board on the results of her research on the hourly wage for a part-time bookkeeper for the greater Portland/Seattle area which was about $20.00 per hour. The Board agreed that this should be the amount paid to the PFS Bookkeeper.

9. Line itemization for concerts - $548.00 ins. premium: David Ingerson briefed that the concert committee requested that the Board review the amount of money (currently $75.00) that is being charged to each concert to cover insurance premium costs. After Board discussion, it was agreed to charge $50.00 to each concert and an annual charge of $200.00 to Singtime to cover the premium costs. The Board also had questions regarding the coverage on our current policy. David agreed to contact the insurance Agent regarding policy coverage.

Board Actions: 1. David Ingerson to contact insurance Agent regarding the specifics on PFS insurance policy coverage.

2. Morris McClellan to revise the insurance cost to $50.00 on the concert worksheet.

10. Acoustic in the Pines: PFS and the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop are sponsoring (by drawing) one full, five day scholarship on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. Delores Day briefed the Board that Morris McClellan is the reciprocate of the scholarship and would be attending the retreat.

11. Strategic Planning Retreat: The Board of Directors is meeting on September 10th and 11th for a Strategic Planning meeting. David Ingerson mentioned that he would send an email to Board members on things to think about before the retreat. One topic that David mentioned was how to better serve younger people to get them involved with Folk music.

12: Relations with other organizations/individuals: Deferred to a future meeting.

Issues about the selling of our email list

New Business:

13. Formation of social committee: Deferred to a future meeting.

14: Board members as committee liaisons: Deferred to a future meeting.


Next meeting is scheduled for September 5th, 7:00 – 9:00 P.M. at 1904 SE Alder St. Portland, OR.