PFS Board Meeting


                                           Date: 09/05/2012
                                           Time: 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
                                           Location: 1904 SE Alder St. Portland, OR.

Members present: David Ingerson, Delores Day, Morris McClellan, Mary Rose and Ron Vaughan

Old Business:

1. Review of previous minutes: August Board meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Morris McClellan distributed the balance sheet (as of 9/5/2012) for Board review. The report was approved. Morris then formally resigned his position on the Board as PFS Treasurer as he has accepted an offer to work as the part-time PFS Bookkeeper. His resignation was unanimously accepted by the Board.

3. Financial Committee Report: Delores Day briefed that Morris McClellan had accepted the part-time bookkeeper position for the $17.00 per hour rate with no set up fee that was approved by the Board. Delores requested Board approval for PFS to move from Quicken Books to QuickBooks software for financial record keeping and reporting. The Board approved the request. Morris McClellan will be attending will be attending a QuickBooks seminar on Sept. 11th. After some discussion, the Board approved up to $300.00 for Morris to purchase the QuickBooks software that might be offered at the seminar. Delores also mentioned that she and Morris would work on a bookkeeper job description for the Financial Committee’s recommendation to the Board and that the Financial Committee would be looking into the PFS check delivery system in the future.

4. New Treasurer update: David Ingerson briefed that PFS member Rodney Evans has expressed interest in becoming a candidate for the PFS Treasure position. After discussion, the Board suggested that Ron Vaughan send Rodney a copy of the general Treasurer responsibilities for All-Volunteer Organizations to see if he is able and willing to perform similar tasks for PFS.

Board Action: Ron Vaughan to email Rodney Evans the general Treasurer responsibilities.


5. Singtime report: David Ingerson distributed and briefed on this year’s Singtime Frolics report. There were 112 attendees which were the most ever for this event. The reported income was $474.03 which was close to the $500.00 goal.

6. Strawberry Social Report: David Ingerson distributed the 2012 Strawberry Social Report that was prepared by Carter Kennedy. The Board commented that Carter’s report was excellent. This year’s event was hosted by Margaret and John Kellermann. It was estimated that there were 50 attendees which was approximately 70% of the number of reservations; thus, there was plenty of strawberries, ice cream and short cake for everyone to enjoy. The cost of the social was $189.63.

7. Volunteer Appreciation Party and general meeting: The party and meeting is scheduled for 6:00 P.M. on October 21st at the Subud House, 3185 Northeast Regents Drive in Portland. The Board discussed several menu options and David Ingerson briefed that there was an announcement in the Local Lore. David also mentioned that he would send an email announcing the event and look at the possibility of getting the Sky on the Road band to provide entertainment. The Board also discussed having an open mic for PFS performing members as an option for entertainment.

8. Linda Huddle memorial gift: David Ingerson suggested turning this item over to the Financial Subcommittee for a recommendation on the amount of the gift. The Board agreed.

9. Acoustic Music retreat and insurance questions: Morris McClellan thanked PFS for the opportunity to attend the retreat which was a five day scholarship on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington. Morris mentioned that he really enjoyed being able to devote all his time to music and thought it was a valuable experience for him. There were approximately 40 attendees who were excellent musicians and played a variety of music. David Ingerson stated that there may be a potential insurance issue for PFS with the camp that he would discuss with Mark McPherson, the retreat organizer.

10. Strategic planning retreat planning: The Board of Directors is meeting on September 10th and 11th for a Strategic Planning meeting in Tillamook, OR. hosted by Lauren Sheehan. The Board decided to start the meeting at 12:30 P.M. on Monday, the 10th and discussed food and other items that the members would need for the two day meeting.

Next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 11th, 12:30 – 2:30 P.M. at 2825 SE Ash Street Portland, OR.