Joe's Jottings #1: Greetings

Joe's Jottings #1: Greetings

From Local Lore (volume 38 ~ # 4 ~ July and August 2014)

Joe's Jottings #1: Greetings

By Joe “The Songfinder” Hickerson

Greetings! My name is Joe Hickerson and I have been a PFS member since I began my regular visits to Portland in 2005 to visit my sweetie, PFS member Ruth Bolliger. (I finally moved here in 2011!) Now PFS President David Ingerson has graciously asked me to contribute a regular column to Local Lore. Hmmm... I guess I've done that sort of thing before. Here's some examples.

1963-98: I compiled and edited over 200 bibliographies, discographies, and directories for the Archive of Folk Song / Archive of Folk Culture at the Library of Congress.

1965-88: I compiled the “Current Bibliography” section of Ethnomusicology, the journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology.

1966-69: I wrote a number of concert reviews of folk music and related events for the Washington Star newspaper.

1999-2004: I did a monthly column, “35 Years Ago This Month,” for the Newsletter of the Folklore Society of Greater Washington.

2003-2011: I compiled “The Songfinder” column for Sing Out! magazine. So, was I ready to accept another regular deadline in my life? And what should I cover in the vast realm of our subject matter? I asked David. He replied: “Anything you want.” Well, what do you want, gentle and learned reader? Please send me your ideas for my consideration. And what about the name of my column? I considered “Joe’s Jovial Jottings” or “Joe Jocular Jottings,” but I do get serious once in a while. My first regular column will be in the next issue, and deal with the history of Folkways Records (now Smithsonian Folkways Records) and my various associations with them beginning in 1955, plus a review of one of their recent releases.

In closing, I want to say how much I have enjoyed reading Meryle Korn’s column, “Meryle’s Mailbox.” As many of you know, Meryle is moving to Bellingham, Washington, just when I was going to suggest that she would the perfect person to contribute a “40 Years Ago” column to Local Lore, starting with PFS's 40th anniversary next year. Ah well, maybe she will, from afar.

Meanwhile, don't forget that you don't need a driver's licence to “Drive Dull Care Away!”

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