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In Person Song Circle This Friday!

On Friday, December 9, Jinx Kuehn and Barry Gorden are holding an in-person song circle at their home. All non-symptomatic folks are welcome!

Please click on over to the In Person Song Circle page for more info. We hope to see you there!

Board Meeting Tuesday Evening November 22

The PFS Board will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday November 22, at 7:00 PM Pacific Time, on Zoom.

All PFS Members are welcome to come and observe. To join the meeting, log into the website in the up right hand corner of this page. When you do that, you'll find the link here.

Woot! November-December Local Lore!

Now that the weather here in Portland has turned to, well, Portland weather, a lot of people start planning trips, and to get you in the mood, here is an issue of Local Lore with the theme of being On The Road.

The issue opens with a thoughtful essay by Avery Ballotta of the group Damn Tall Buildings, who muses on the joys and insights that come with being a traveling musician. 

But there is so much more. The Local Lore team has lined up a series of short interviews with touring musicians, and musicians who have toured - Del Ray, Bill Murlin, Abie Posner, Jamie Anderson, Maria Muldaur, Jenner Fox, Kelcey Wilburn, Steve James, Kristen Grainger, Tim Grimm, Lauren Sheehan and Geoff Muldaur. They are great bite-sized stories from people who know the road!

Don't overlook a very important note from PFS President Alana McKenzie Page, who announces our upcoming annual Board Elections! (When you see "Board Elections", do you hear a little voice saying, "Hm. Maybe this year..." If you do, read Alana's announcement and consider being a candidate!)

Events Calendar Editor Barry Gorden has a very timely article about places that you can take real live in-person music classes, starting with our good friends at Artichoke Music, but going on to some venues you might not know: Neighborly Music, Hostel Café, East Side Music Club, and others. Did you forget about Live Classes during The Dark Times? It's a great way to get better at whatever you want to get better at, and live classes are always fun. You get to work on your art with other people who are traveling the same road - and running into the same road blocks!

There are previews of up-coming PFS concerts with the ever-popular Dave Stamey ("His music is gorgeous, often funny, and his performance is flawless,") and the New World String Project.

What? There's more? Yes! Dick Weissman shares some tales of touring with the Journeymen. Maybe touring can be glamorous and exciting, but Dick generously shares some of the darker moments of being on tour!

This month's Take Five is an interview with Portland's Darryl Purpose, who has also been a professional blackjack player and is a member of ... wait for it! ... The Blackjack Hall of Fame! Purpose has made his own path, not only excelling in music and blackjack, but walking across the US and visiting Russia in the name of world peace, and founding an organization to donate used guitar strings to musicians around the world who don't have access to good strings. He's quite a guy, and this is a don't miss interview. 

Thanks as always to Editor Kim McLaughlin and the great team who make the Local Lore possible. You know who you are, and we know who you are, and we appreciate it! If you are a member, you have the option of a digital copy or a paper copy for free; everyone else can Download a copy here. 


And finally, don't forget that four full years of Local Lores are available to download on the Resources menu above.


VSC - Virtual Song Circles

Every Saturday night, since March 2020 when the pandemic began, PFS has invited people to join on line to sing together. This phenomenon has spread across the country and the world, and every night of the week singers can find an event - or several - where like-minded voices are getting together. The pandemic may be over (we know there is some debate about that) but the joy of singing together continues, and we don't expect it to stop.

You can log on at six, and singing starts at 6:30 (Pacific Time) every Saturday. Come when you like, stay as long as you like. 

If you want to find out more about Virtual Song Circles, just click here.

If you already know everything you need to know and you just want to hurry up and get in the room, please! - click here to join
Events Calendar

Please check out our events calendar below. Editor Barry Gorden manages to capture almost all the upcoming folk events, but if yours is missing please let us know. The list below shows the next week's events, and is updated continuously.

If you need more, go to the Events menu above and pull down to Folk Calendar. When you go there, you can sort by performances, classes, virtual, radio - whatever you like - and you'll have all the events from now until... well, you'll find everything we know about. If it's not listed here, it's probably not happening.
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Since 1976, Portland FolkMusic Society has been active preserving, presenting and promoting folk music and arts in the greater Portland Oregon area. PFS sponsors song circles, concerts, workshops and retreats, and helps its members and the whole community pass the word around about folk music events, from old time ballads to sea shanties, from 60’s protest folk to contemporary singer-songwriters.

PFS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. 

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