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Song Circles

PFS hosts Second Saturday song circles where all are invited. They hosted by a different household each month, and are a fun space where folks like you can come, meet people, play, sing, or just listen. They usually start with a pot luck dinner, and then we go around the circle twice, with everyone getting to lead a song. Some people stay for a third rotation, and a fourth, and...

If you come to a song circle, it is just about certain that you won't be either the best or worst singer or instrumentalist. And who cares? - it's not about being best, it's about relaxing and sharing music.Every person in the circle has an opportunity to lead, suggest or request at least one song.  If you are new to song circles, give it a try!  Read more about how it works below, under “Song Circle Etiquette.”

We usually sing from about 7:30 PM to midnight. Potluck dinners (if any) usually begin at 6:00 PM. (But each host sets the times; see below.)   Sometimes the host will suggest a theme for the evening.  Come to sing or to listen, but do come!

Some of the homes where song circles are held are not child-safe, or they may not be suitable for people with mobility issues or service animals. Please check with the host first if you are not sure.

If you would like to host a circle or want more information, write to Holly Hoffnung. Your house should be big enough for 20-25 people.

Upcoming PFS Song Circles

Feb 8 2020

6:30 desert potluck
7:00 sing

Mary Benson

Brookdale at Fishers Landing

17171 SE 22nd Dr.

Vancouver, WA  98683

Song Circle Etiquette

  • Whether you come to sing or just listen, relax and have fun. There is no need to be stressed, or shy.
  • When your turn around the circle comes, you may perform a song, lead a song, request someone else sing a song, or pass.
  • Please introduce yourself, even if you think everyone knows you.
  • Song circles usually go around two times, so you will have two opportunities to lead a song. But, sometimes more - so prepare as many songs as you like, just in case.
  • Singalongs, and songs with choruses, are encouraged, especially on the first round.
  • There is never a need to rush through a song but - please  keep the circle moving along. 
  • If the presenter requests that instruments accompany his or her song, join in. Be mindful of drowning out voices with loud instruments.
  • People often choose songs out of the "blue book" (Rise Up Singing) or the "red book" (Rise Again) for singalongs. If you use it, let others know what page your selection is on.
  • Song circle participants are tolerant about song choices: If you sing music made by folks, then we consider it folk music!

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